S’poreans & M’sians: DON’T buy any theme park tickets until you’ve seen this

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When we came across this website today, we couldn’t resist but want to share it with you guys. After all, what’s better to share than a good deal, especially with Singaporeans and Malaysians who won’t feel good unless you get the best deal at the lowest price possible, right?

Alright, so we were browsing online when we came across this website – goticket.my. GoTicket is a site which sells tickets to leading attractions in Singapore and Malaysia at lower prices.


Image: goticket.my

Out of curiosity, we went into the site to take a quick look around. The first thing that came to mind was this: how time has changed. If you’ve lived in the pre-internet period, or at least the period where internet hasn’t proliferated into everyday lives yet, you’ll remember how we used to get tickets back then. Information came from the newspaper, and reservations has to be made by phone. Not everyone called in, and most (especially the younger people) prefer to make their way down early to get the tickets and join the queue together with their friends.

Today, it’s a whole different world. Switch on your smartphone and you can access sites to information about ticketing from anywhere, anytime. So you see something you like? Just tab on it, put in your card info and you’ll have bought something. In the past, you might have to print out the ticket sent to you, but today, with technology like QR codes, you can just flash your phone and you’ll be allowed entry.

GoTicket.my operates on the same principles. You can purchase the tickets, pay at the checkout and the e-ticket will be sent to the email address you’ve specified. Print out the e-ticket and you’re good to go. GoTicket.my claims to have no hidden costs, and the price you see is the price you’ll pay.

There’s a grand total of 13 attractions you can buy tickets to from the site, and the site itself is pretty much idiot-proof and simple to use, with attractions are categorized under types and geographical locations.

We were pretty curious about how much cheaper an attraction could be, so we picked Universal Studios Singapore as a testing ground.


Image: goticket.my

An adult ticket for a 1-day USS pass is MYR 204. We used Google’s currency converter to find out what that is in SGD.


Image: Google.sg

It turned out to be around SGD 70.15. This is a couple of bucks cheaper than the usual USS 1-day pass rates.


Image: rwsentosa.com

The difference wasn’t much, just a couple of dollars, and honestly, most discounts offered by USS itself or deal sites like Groupon or Deal.com.sg might be better, but if you’re in a rush for tickets and couldn’t find any discounts anywhere, hey, why not try this site out for yourself.

And it’s not just for Singapore. If you’re looking to go for Malaysia’s attractions, compare the prices on this site with theirs first before making a decision. Their discount for Malaysia’s attractions can go as high as 20%, or so we heard.

So Malaysians and Singaporeans, don’t say we never tell you ah!

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