Boasting a new concept in historical rich Melaka, Neuvo Attraction & Destination Sdn Bhd aims to combine elements of theatre and history against a sophisticated technology laden background to transport visitors back into the Golden Ages via Melaka Alive.

With the aim to position Melaka Alive as the lead attraction for cultural tourism in Malaysia, it is hoped that visitors from all over the country and worldwide will aspire to immerse themselves in the experience and come to appreciate the complex diversity and colours of Malaysia through it’s intricate history.

Bahtera Merdeka

Set on board a ship inspired stage, the tale of Panglima Awang is brought to life in a play, centred on his life and the invasion of the Portuguese. Combining carefully studied historical facts, live theatre, and the traditional Malay dance with theme park know-how, the play will show the importance of Melaka in Asian trade as well as the invasion of the city.

Colours of Melaka

The attractions are to be framed by a night festival outside serving as a marketplace fashioned after the grounds of the 15th century Sultan’s Palace. The site will function as a central hub with retail, food and beverages served from traditional Malay ox carts with theatrical performances in the background adding to the atmosphere bringing to life moments from history.



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